Urban Bar-B-Que© was founded in 2003 by Dave "Urban" Calkins and Lee "BBQ" Howard.They have started business with Five Principles which are better quality, friendly workspace, traditional values, support community and liveliness.©
 2019, Urban Bar-B-Que Systems, LLC has assigned the rights to franchise Urban BBQ restaurants and all other rights incidental to the Urban Bar-B-Que Systems, LLC, to Cluckster's, LLC, a Maryland Limited Liability Entity Owned by Cluck-U, Corp. and managed and operated by JP Haddad. JP Haddad also operates Cluck-U, Corp. an existing Maryland Franchise, Cluck-U, Corp. is managing the Cluck-U-Chicken/ Cluckster's business in the State of Maryland, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.
 In the coming years, Clucksters intend to fine tune the Urban BBQ concept and develop a distinctive new Urban BBQ© look and products. Urban BBQ is building on the Cluck-U, Corp.'s success with the goal of having a Urban BBQ © restaurant near every college campus and in every city in the U.S. and some day, the world.
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